The MT-128 is an easy to use and secure hard disc multi-track recording system.

Designed for professional users it is delivered as acomputer based turnkey system. All control of the MT-128 can be done by only a 15“-Touch-TFT.

The user interface (GUI) is designed to provide always an overview of status information and allows quick access to main functions.

The system can be configured with up to 128 Channels of digital audio I/O, available in MADI, AES-3 and ADAT® format. It supports Word Clock and Video (Black burst) synchronization; Time code is supported via LTC-I/O, RS-422, MIDI or others like GPS.

The MT-128 supports WAVE, Broadcast-Wave (RF64) and AIFF file formats and operates in „single file per track“ mode. Projects and audio files can be imported and exported.

All incoming and outgoing audio signal can be free routed. An internal mixer controls the levels of audio outputs (direct track output) and it allows up to 9 stereo mix busses plus a separate stereo PFL-Bus. Internal mix down can be recorded.

Loop-Recording, Auto Punch-In/Out, Pre-and Post-record buffer (up to 3 seconds), Track-Arming while recording and some more recording features make the MT-128 a state of the art non-destructive „Audio Multi-Track Recorder“. A next upcoming Release will also allow destructive recording!

Generated audio files are displayed in classical timeline view, but also in a list view. This helps to keep the overview and makes it easy to handle the MT-128 projects. All recorded audio is managed as record-sessions, takes, clips and files. The Take-management fulfils the needs of take organized recording workflow.

The security of audio data is given by a permanent auto save, in worst case (like power loss) only a last buffer size (max. 3 seconds) will be lost. The RAID support of the System helps to reduce the risk of data-loss by hard disc failure.


ADAT is a registered trademark of ALESIS Corporation